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Legal affairs of labor and medical dispute


Labor and Medical Department


The person in charge of Labor and Medical Department worked as senior executives in Human Resource department of state-owned company for more than 10 years, other lawyers here also have rich experiences in related areas. They have solved thousands of cases in labor and medical areas, especially in the establishment, operation, risk-prevention of medical institution and dealing with related disputes. Because of the excellent in performance, the department has provided legal consultation for hundreds of companies and institutions.

Scale of service:

●Legal services of Human Resource Management: audition and direction for labor contracts; improving labor management system; drafting and executing plans about labor relations in merge, division, dissolution, bankruptcy.

●Social insurance services: providing treatment options for work-related or non work-related deaths, and work-related injuries; Co-designing and execution of enterprise annuity program.

●Taking labor arbitration and litigation

●Medical professional legal services: prevention and disposal of medical disputes; taking arbitration and litigation about compensation for medical damages disputes; legal training for medical institutions.

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