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Legal affairs of construction and real estate

Construction and Real Estate Department


 Construction and Real Estate Department is a professional team with a high education background, experienced and efficient lawyers. They have clear assignments and strict working regulations that provide   prompt and qualified services in but not limited to land developments, city constructions, operation and management of real estate programs, and so on.

Scale of service:

Primary land development

Legal consultation of policies, procedures and costs audit in the primary land development; Legal analysis and suggestion of feasibility for land planning and utilization; Assisting with land reserve and transaction of shingle selling the state-owned land; Taking part in primary land developmentbidding, drafting and revising the primary land development (commission) contract, transferring the right of use land contract; Solving the administrative disputes on allotted /transferred land expropriation, demolition and relocation compensation; Purchasing and installing facilities, preventing risks in city infrastructure programs.

●Real Estate development, operation and management

Sets and negotiations of real estate projects, establishments, merger-acquisition and management of companies; Real Estate finance and trust; Lease, sell, transfer and mortgage; Dealing with legal affairs in property management.

●Legal services for construction engineering

Giving legal suggestions in negotiating, drafting, revising and managing the construction engineering contracts; Inspect and accept, guarantee to repair and audit the price of engineering project;Engineering project insurance and claim; Engineering claim services.

●Internationalengineeringlegal services

Investigation of the investment environment, labor and tax policies, and the owner’s credit, providing the risk pre-assessment of engineering projects; Designing the negotiation and bidding plan according to the owner’s documents and contracts, and joining the whole negotiation between investors and owners; Legal risk warning during the execution of the international engineering contract; Dealing with legal affairs about letter of guarantee and letter of credit in international engineering; Solvinginternational engineering disputes.

●Resources and environment legal services

Evaluation of environmental and legal policies' risks; Assisting in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA); Negotiating, constructing and operating of environmental protection and energy-saving programs; Due diligence investigations and suggestions for environmental problems.

●Legal services for government

Taking part in legislation and hearing of construction engineering projects, proposing legal opinions; Providing legal feasibility study and legal risk analysis in planning, design, construction and management for major construction projects; Supervising the activities of governmental construction engineering projects, such as bidding, land planning, payment, inspect and accept; Replying timely for governmental consultations in written legal advices.

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