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Legal affairs of intellectual property

Intellectual Property Department


 Intellectual Property Department a main department of Liu Hule Law Firm, there are many lawyers here practicing in Copyright, Trademark Right, Patent Right, Trade Secrets and Anti-Unfair Competition. Many cases are classic and influenced widely.

Scale of service:

●Taking civil litigations, administrative investigations and litigations of Trademark, Patent, Copyright, and Anti-Unfair Competition, protection of trade secrets, well-known trademark and domain name anti-unfair competition

●Taking administrative litigations of permutation, transfer, pledge, patent licensing and invalid of Trademark; computer software copyright disputes and other related criminal cases.

●Providing legal services for publishing company including management, system reform, investment and finance, assisting clients to build intellectual property management system.

●Providing legal services concerning intellectual property: registration of Patent, Trademark, Copyright, computer software, Integrated Circuits Layout Designs, and technology contracts; applications for invalidation and revocation of intellectual rights; drafting and revising the contracts of right transfer and licensing; torts investigation and Anti-infringement accusation; protection of trade secrets in E-business and database; protection of intellectual property in franchising and chain store operation, culture communication and audiovisual production; taking intellectual litigations and arbitrations, and so on.

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