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criminal defense

Criminal Department

Criminal litigation is the traditional area of Liu Hule Law Firm. We have a lot of experiences and have represented many significant cases, especially in economic crimes, duty crimes, corruption and bribery crimes, smuggling crimes and drug related crimes. We also set group discussion system for difficult cases.  

Scale of the service:

●Crime prevention: providing legal advice and help, duty crimes prevention, training in criminal risk prevention and control for company executives.

●Legal services in investigation: providing legal advice, applying forguarantor pending trial, representing appeal and chargefor criminal suspects.

●Legal services for defendantto consult,extract and duplicate the judicial documents pertaining to the current case and the technical verification material,meet and correspond with the criminal suspect in custody, and may investigate and obtain evidence; to present,according to the facts and law,materials and opinions proving the innocence of the criminal suspect or defendant,the pettiness of his crime and the need for a mitigated punishment or exemption from criminal responsibility; To appeal for no-prosecution decision; to be the agent of the victims.

●Legal services in trial phase:Provide defense services for the defendant in the first and the second trial.

●Defend for the accused in the review stage of death sentences: investigating and collecting evidences, making the views about the defendant exculpatory defense or should not approve the death penalty.

●Legal services in re-trial phase:As appeals attorney, on behalf of making the complaint materials, filing the retrial, participating the retrial case.

●Legal services for Criminal with Civil litigation: representing clients in civil part , helping clients apply for the defendant's property seizure or attachment from the court, participating in hearings, writing various legal instruments.

●Legal services in criminal cases of private prosecution:As defendant's counsel in private prosecution cases, providing the defense services for the defendant.

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